Sands Of Time - More Airplay!

Pleased to say that my new EP is being played on several radio stations! 
Thanks to: Indie Brew Radio in New York, KB Radio in Canada, Alan Hare on BRFM, Channel Radio, Croydon Radio, Chasing Your Dream, Wigwam Radio, Control…


Sands Of Time - Now on Spotify!

The new EP is now on Spotify and you can find it here along with my other six albums.
Pleased to say that 'Sands Of Time' is my most streamed track!

Soundwaves Review - The Sands Of Time - EP

Thanks to the folks at soundwaves for the review of the EP and for featuring it on their website!

t’s a mellow and chilled out collection of tracks; ideal for relaxing to. The songs have quite a retro-rock sound. Think…


Wigwam Radio - Review

Thanks to Wigwam Radio for the plays of 'Sands Of Time' and the great review too!

London located singer/songwriter NIGEL BROWN composes modern day acoustic blues-folk. His songs are characterised by meticulously crafted lyrics and expertly applied guitar work. He…