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The Big Takeover - Review - Here Come The Truth 

As the album unfolds, one is greeted by a succession of enthralling moments. ‘Verandas Gate’ exudes a subdued grandeur, while ‘Not In My Heart’ initially treads the familiar path of the singer-songwriter, only to veer off into the jangling realms reminiscent of R.E.M’s glory days, revealing depths beyond initial expectations. And then there’s the eponymous track, a delicate whisper in the ear, an intimate conversation with a trusted confidant in the late hours of the night—personal, relatable, and undeniably exquisite.

Nigel Brown’s compositions possess an uncanny familiarity as if you’ve known them for a lifetime. Yet, they remain unblemished by the passage of time, perpetually resonating with the present and destined to endure for years to come. This, my friends, is the very epitome of timeless music.

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Artisti Online - Review - Here Comes The Truth 

Nigel Brown's latest studio album entitled 'Here Comes The Truth' is the result of a period of observation of the world around us. Here Comes The Truth is the eleventh album of Nigel Brown's career which concentrates his life experience in this collection of songs through a sweet and harmonious sound inspired by the sounds of the 60s and 70s.

The songs contained in the album mainly address social issues that concern the fight against inequalities, government measures in times of pandemic, situations taken from people's daily lives and people's dreams and hopes in a period of great crisis like the one that we are going through.


The album unfolds as a journey in stages in which each song tells a particular story. The sound of the album is rich and articulated and moves easily between various styles and musical genres such as folk, soft-rock and country. The thirteen songs that make up the album are permeated by a romanticism of times gone by that puts us back in touch with that organic and genuine sound that has been fading away in music over the years.

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1111CR3W - Review - Here Comes The Truth 

In the realm of music, there are artists who create with a sense of purpose, allowing their creative muse to guide them along their journey. Nigel Brown, a prolific musician and composer, is one such artist. His eleventh studio album, "Here Comes The Truth," showcases his incredible songwriting abilities, honed over years of dedication and creative exploration. But his talents don't end there; Nigel is also a composer for television and a contributor to various music libraries, including Universal, DeWolfe, and APM. Let's delve into the artistic world of Nigel Brown and explore the stories and inspirations behind this remarkable album.

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Roadie Music Brazil - Review - Here Comes The Truth 

Nigel Brown is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom who has accumulated more than a dozen releases throughout his career. Only in 2023, “Here Comes the Truth” is his third album, meaning Brown is a music-making machine. In this latest work, the musical artist included thirteen tracks, of which “Anne-Joleen” was released as an official single. In order to make the melody 100% in accordance with his ideas, Brown plays all the guitars, bass and keyboards on the record, while his son Charlie plays the drums. 

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Os Garotos De Liverpool - Review - Here Comes The Truth - Brazil 

Already known among Brazilian/international readers of the site, with work revealed on streaming platforms recently and which we will talk more about below. 

Directly from London, England, he is back here with the album "Here Comes The Truth", which delivers to the public 13 tracks, +50min in length and a sound that encompasses aspects of rock such as classic/soft and a vocal, lyrical and melodic atmosphere of folk, with an instrumentation dominated by beautiful guitar chords, string arrangements and a combination that enchants us from start to finish.
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Iggy Magazine - Review - Here Comes The Truth 

Don't miss out on treating yourself this week by discovering a sublime project full of good vibes and magnificent qualities. Nigel Brown returns to the music scene for an eleventh album entitled “Here Come The Truth”. The musical opus is arguably one of the best you will discover this week.

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Bad Wolfe Records - Review - Here Comes The Truth 

Throughout his career as a composer, Nigel has not only released 12 full albums in his solo project to the present day, but has also created music for numerous projects. This includes composing and recording music for approximately twenty series, primarily for “Discovery Channel” and “Sky”. He has also produced three albums for the “De Wolfe Music Library” and recently completed an album of songs for “Felt Music”. Additionally, he has contributed instrumental music for Soho Production Music and worked on a 'Psychedelic Rock' album for the same company. His EP 'Forever Be' received acclaim when it was selected as the inaugural release in the APM series in the United States, thanks to some of his songs that he sent to Adam Wakeman of the “Perfect Music Library”.

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We Write About Music - Review - 'Here Comes The Truth' 

In the ever-evolving world of music, where trends come and go like fleeting gusts of wind, Nigel Brown stands as a steadfast guardian of timeless sound. With his eleventh studio album, "Here Comes The Truth," Brown not only reaffirms his musical prowess but also takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the golden eras of rock and pop.

The album opens with a promise in its title, and it delivers from the very first note. Brown's musical journey, marked by his multifaceted talents as a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist, finds its centerpiece in "Here Comes The Truth." As the album unfolds, it becomes evident that this isn't just another collection of songs but a heartfelt expression of an artist who has honed his craft to perfection.

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