Plan 8 Music - PN8CD1153 American Country Rock. Uplifting folk country rock Americana positivity for Summer daytime TV optimism, cheerful and carefree, sensitive and reflective, bright, acoustic, laid-back and retro-style

Hitpoint Music - HPM4366 - Acoustic Stories. Timeless and classic thoughtful acoustic folk songs with male vocal

Media Tracks - MML440 - World On Fire. Nigel Brown's "World on Fire" is a diverse journey through heartfelt acoustic and electric melodies, from easy-going country rock to reflective folk, suitable for films, documentaries, and emotional storytelling.

The Music Supervisors - TMS161 - Road Trips Regrets & Lovers. An album full of Americana / Folk songs with a whiff of the 60s and 70s about them. Male Vocals. Ideal for drama, relationships, love and loss. Instrumental versions and stems are available.

Plan 8 - PN8CD1048 - Happy Sunshine. Happy Summer fun, joyful upbeat and positive ukulele and guitar tunes, warm, humorous, calm and optimistic, for family, children, friendship, relaxed, acoustic soothing gentle music.

Plan 8 - PN8CD1092 - Psychedelic Rock. Bluesy indie rock guitar with retro 1970s psychedelic, grunge and ethnic influences, parties, sport, hippy festival culture, mysterious, angsty, heavy and moody, travel, youthful, rough and optimistic, atmospheric, positive and characterful

Rouge Music - RMCD 2068 - New Wave Indie. Upbeat Guitar Bands with A Dance-Floor Edge

Adam Wakeman Presents (AWP) - AWP-0001 - Forever Be. Singer songwriter Nigel Brown delivers beautiful soothing vocals and wonderfully crafted songs with a hint of the 1960's and 1970's. Meaningful lyrics about love, life and reminiscing create a comforting, familiar yet unique collection of songs.

Felt Production Music - FMLFC0125 - Yellow Moon. 60's and 70's Road Trip. A collection of guitar driven songs reflecting on life, love and loss.

Rouge Music - RMCD 2066 - Songs From Real Life. Indie / Rock / Pop / Alternative